When we’re not really committed to something, it’s usually because we haven’t really decided to do it. We get stuck in an in-between state, where we aren’t really sure if we want to do something, we don’t know if we can do it, we don’t know if we’re good enough.

Instead, it’s best to just decide to do it.

Make a bold decision to do it, and then commit to doing it.

Commit yourself by telling others about it, and binding yourself with accountability. Be all in!

Don’t let yourself engage in doubt — it’s a mental habit that isn’t useful for this. Make the decision to do it, and then start to come from a conviction that it’s the right thing.

Then take action from that commitment and conviction.

Imagine acting every day as if you’re doing the right thing, and being fully committed to doing that thing.

Decide to do it. Commit to doing it. Act from the conviction of your commitment.