When faced with doing the small step, many people will decide whether to do the task based on how they feel:

  • We feel overwhelmed or stressed, so we procrastinate & seek distraction.
  • We feel tired, so we put it off.
  • We feel unmotivated, so we wait until motivation comes.
  • We feel uncertainty, so we do something that feels easier.
  • We feel self-doubt, so we decide it’s not worth doing.
  • We feel bad that we haven’t been doing it, so we avoid even thinking about it.
  • We’re having a bad day, so we seek comfort.

This doesn’t work very well. If any of these are true, we won’t actually take action.

A different approach is to do the action from your commitment. That means that you’re committed to doing it no matter how you feel, or what the external circumstances are.

And if you fail to do that, you’ll learn from it and get better at coming from commitment.

Try it with the next small step: come from you commitment to doing this no matter what.