There’s a common misunderstanding of what it’s like to do hard shit … people often think it has to be grueling, burdensome, forcing yourself to do stuff you don’t feel like doing.

That’s one way to do it. It feels disempowered.

Another way is to bring an enjoyment to the process. Each step of the way can be enjoyable, not just the outcome. “The journey is the goal” is a cliche, but it can absolutely be helpful here.

Each step, with every task, you can bring a sense of empowerment. You can feel music, joy and magic if you like.

It can also be amazing to bring a sense of wonder and awe to each moment. Noticing the incredibleness of the moment around you, and of what you’re doing in the world … and feeling the wonder of that. Seeing it with childlike eyes, a beginner’s mind.

You can also feel the possibility of what you’re creating. Feel the love you feel for the people you’re creating it for. Keeping the people you care about in mind can be incredibly meaningful, every step of the way.

Finally, you can savor every step, as if it were delicious. Where can you find the deliciousness of this moment?