There’s something magical about doing the hard thing you’re trying to do for something more than yourself: for others, for the world, for your community.

The reason is that our best intentions will often go out the door when we’re confronted by uncertainty, fear and discomfort. If we’re doing a hard thing just for ourselves, there’s nothing wrong with that — but then when we are faced with discomfort, wouldn’t stopping doing that hard thing be more benefit to ourselves?

The only way past wanting to stop because of our discomfort is to do it for something more than ourselves. Do it for others.

For example, leading a nation to overthrow colonialism or slavery is a difficult thing, and if you’re doing it for your own glory, you’ll quit when you’re confronted by the immense challenges you’ll face. But if you’re doing it for the freedom and betterment of thousands (or millions) of other people … it just might be worth it to you.

What is more important to you than your own comfort? What is so important it would be worth putting yourself in discomfort?

The answer has to be highly personal, but here are some examples of people you might do the hard thing for:

  • The person you love (spouse, partner)
  • Your kids
  • Your mom, grandparent, niece or nephew
  • People in your community
  • Your team members
  • Your clients, if you care deeply about them
  • A group of underserved people, or people without a voice
  • People who are suffering in a way you care about

You have to find your own Who … and then you’ll have your deeper Why.